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The Retail Consultant are a bespoke retail and general consultancy organisation, that specialise in developing effective business strategies for individuals, retailers, charitable organisations and online businesses. With simple and straightforward solutions to the challenge and opportunities unique to each business, the experts provide scrutiny and a plan of attack that is invaluable throughout business life. According to Des Mulholland, CEO of The Retail Consultant

There are no ‘quick win’ strategies in this industry and this philosophy gives our customers confidence that we are going to support them on their social media journey, this is what makes our service both valuable and unique to our clients”.

Through the employment of long term social media strategies local businesses can prosper and escape the “death of the high street”. It is the most cost effective medium that has allowed businesses far and wide to reach and engage with existing and future customers on a global scale.

This success can only be achieved through extensive research. It is clear that today’s consumer is not stuck for choice when it comes to browsing the net.  Whilst a recent OFCOM report indicated a rise in social media use within Northern Ireland, it seems that image based platforms such as Pinterest, messaging apps like WhatsApp or the one that combines both, Snapchat are on the rise. With more and more customers eating outside of the Facebook and Twitter menu it is increasingly difficult for businesses to gain effective yet equal coverage across all platforms.

Des advised that you should not be blindsided by the abundance of social media channels available, nor pay too much attention to the “guru’s” that threaten the need to be on ALL channels in order to reach every potential customer. Instead, you should go right back to the basic retailing fundamental and ‘Get to know your customer’. Research is key to discovering what social media channels your customers use most, and if findings dictate that they are predominately on Facebook, then that is exactly where you should start. Des proclaimed that you don’t need to be on them all “pick the channel your customers use most, start with it, stick to the plan and get really prolific on the channel, before moving onto the next”.

It is clear that social media is a critical tool for businesses to communicate and develop ‘social relationships’ with both current and potential consumers. According to The Retail Consultant “Every business needs to embrace technology and develop a strategy that brings social media into their business for the foreseeable future”. When asked what business would be like without digital technology, Des replied “That’s like asking what if Henry Ford hadn’t developed the Model T, what would the car industry look like?”.

Whatever you are planning in order to grow your business locally or internationally, a sustainable digital media strategy is crucial for your businesses’ prosperity. To get insightful advice from industry experts Des recommends you come along to the Digital Business event at Titanic Belfast this October 15th and make the difference to your digital content and strategy.

It is something not to be missed! Here’s just a small sample of the many digital experts speaking at Digital DNA this year. This could be exactly what your business needs to get kick started …


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